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  1. S

    Sorbated Cider Successful So Far (55+ gallons)

    TL;DR: I wound up with 55+ gallons of sorbated cider by mistake. After searching I saw mixed answers on wether or not you could make wine with it. Thanks to encouragement and advice on forums here and a Facebook group, I tried. After about 25days of fermentation I'd say it turns out you can...
  2. TemperanceOwl

    Back sweetening, extra sorbate question

    Last year I made the WinExpert Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine per the instructions, and bottled a year ago today. It comes with an f-pack, which I added after adding the potassium sorbate and k-meta. The final SG after adding the f-pack was 1.016, and I don't find it sweet enough for a...