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  1. H

    Detergents similar to Cleanskin?

    Does anyone know of a detergent similar to Cleanskin for tank cleaning? I've been trying to find a safe tank cleaner, and have been recommended Cleanskin, but I can't get it where I am
  2. bstnh1

    Cloudy K-meta

    I have a batch of K-meta stored in a plastic spring water bottle. It's about a month old. I mixed it in spring water using 3 T K-meta and 2 tsp. tartaric acid as I always do. It was fine when I first mixed it and at least for a couple of weeks after that. I went to use it today and noticed...
  3. B

    Fermentation Plan; Racking; Oaking; One-Step Cleanser

    I’m only a few years into my wine making adventure so looking for all the help I can get! Has anyone used One Step to clean and sanitize equipment? I have always used b-brite and Kmeta in the past, but I want to keep sulfites low to allow for a better fermentation and MLF. Also curious if my...
  4. A

    Mobile Ozone On-Demand System

    Lightly used McClain Ozone machine, the Destroyer series 2015. Used in a nano-brewery, looking for $6000. Product details and manual: http://mcclainozone.com/products/ http://mcclainozone.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/2015-Sanitation-System-Specification-Sheet-7-1-15NP1.pdf Purchased new in...