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  1. Intheswamp

    Other Expiration date/code? Vinters Harvest

    There is a homebrew store that has some Vinter's Harvest wine base for sale on a "clearance" shelf...basically half price. Seems like a good deal but this is a new store that opened up where a previous homebrew store was located. I don't know whether this is NOS or freshly ordered. The new...

    20% OFF Pink Moscato Wine Kits by Winexpert

    We still have a few Pink Moscato kits left from this year's pre-order, and they HAVE TO GO! So to help move them off the shelves, we're marking them down 20%. That is a crazy price, and one you probably won't see again. Jump on it while you can! Winexpert Pink Moscato Wine Kit » Cheers! Bryan...

    FREE SHIPPING Sale. Includes Wine Kits!

    Hey there folks. We've been around for over 20 years, but are a new sponsor on this forum. Glad to meet everyone! We wanted to start things off right with our sponsorship with a super bowl weekend FREE SHIPPING sale for orders over $50. Just use the Discount Code: SUPER18 in...