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  1. CortneyD

    Rhubarb Wine- Improving Overall Flavor

    Question for the rhubarb wine makers: my recipe is pretty generic (with the rhubarb volume upped by 20%) and yields good, very rhubarb-forward wine which I am happy with. I've traditionally used Red Star Cotes des Blancs yeast with the rhubarb and end up with something akin to a bright, punchy...
  2. B

    Wine readings after bottling

    Hello to everyone from Baltic states! This is my first post here. This was the year that i finally got involved in winemaking myself. My first batch was 25 liters (around 6,5 gallon) of dry rhubarb wine. As most of us, I had very little knowledge of what I was doing, and I also didn't have a...