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  1. 1

    Avante Yeast for Malbec

    I guess I’m partially looking for reassurance for my neuroses. I just pitched Avante into my California Malbec must. Think it’s fine for this style? (1.087 OG, 3.8 pH) All the recommendations out there suggest using another yeast for Malbec, and Malbec doesn’t seem to be a grape mentioned when...
  2. CoastalEmpireWine

    Renaissance Bravo

    Has anyone used Renaissance Bravo for Cabernet Sauvignon? I am considering using this yeast but don’t know much about it. In the past I’ve used Renaissance Avante with a Zinfandel that turned out great. I liked the flavor notes that Renaissance posted for Bravo over Avante for a Cabernet. I have...