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  1. J

    Golden Raspberry Mead?

    Ahoy! I have heard that Golden Raspberries are sweeter and less tart than the raspberries you find in stores. However I have yet to get a golden raspberry plant (I also don't know if I can just order the fruit online?) and have never tasted a golden raspberry. Has anyone tasted them and do...
  2. sremick

    Your preferred yeast for raspberry wine?

    So I am being gifted enough frozen raspberries for a batch of wine. Since this is a one-off, there won't be rounds for experimenting so I'd like to do as best as I can the first time around. What would your choice be for a yeast to use? My research has turned up preferences all over the place...
  3. H

    Raspberry Mead Inquiry

    Hello all, I'm new to this whole schtick, and was looking for some pointers. I've only made a few batches of mead, one being blueberry and the other peach. The blueberry came out relatively dry and flavorless, but the peach came out quite nice. However, I'm looking for a decent method/recipe for...
  4. rustbucket

    Making Raspberry Wine without Raspberries

    My wife loves anything made with raspberries so I decided to make a RJS Rockin Raspberry Rose wine kit. Everything in the wine making process for this kit went normally and the wine is now in the clearing stage. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading the box label after racking the wine...
  5. Mdrew

    Red raspberry wine

    My in-laws have an awesome vine/s going in their yard in in the Pacific North West. Already, mid-late June we're getting raspberries off the vines. I'd like to look into making raspberry wine out of it. I found this recipe but it calls for 4lbs of raspberries, and another thread on the forum...