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  1. JCBurg

    First year vines, fall maintenance help

    its getting late in the season, an this is my first planting. My vines did not do great at all but some got up to the trellis wire and some didn’t. I heard you should trim the one that didn’t make it back to about two buds, is this true and when should it be done? Also should I leave the ones on...
  2. JCBurg

    Should I prune off bug damage?

    greetings again forum! The war against Japanese beetles is on and I find myself on the front lines. Last year almost every plant was stripped bare I. The yard but this year we are having some success in fighting them and keeping the foliage full and healthy. My question for you grape growers is...
  3. rpdranc

    Recommendations for pruning Top wire French hybrid vines in Midwest W 2 additional Mid wire cordons?

    Because of winter injury I hv decided to keep 2 extra cordons at midwire along w the two on top. How will this effect pruning, crop? Should I rub off flowering buds on midwire and just retain 2 buds per spur on top wire cordon? How many buds should I leave on both top and mid spurs?? This will...
  4. JimInNJ

    Videos on pruning and beyond

    To really understand pruning watch these videos, starting with #1. Someone should hand out diplomas to anyone who watches the full set.