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  1. Al Hatfield

    Fortifying with Bourbon

    I’m making a blueberry/ plum port and am thinking about what to use for fortifying. I had an idea and want to know if anyone has tried it and what their results were. If I fortify with bourbon will it impart some of the charred oaky vanilla flavor of bourbon? It sounds good in theory. I was...
  2. RobertChartier

    Mixed Berry Port

    Here is my plan as it stands. Please critique. I have the following bunches of frozen fruits available to me. 7 pounds of Blueberries 4 pounds of blackberries 4 pounds of Raspberries 1 pound of strawberries I have 2 1/2 pounds of table grapes (for additional tannins, if nothing else) and a...
  3. D

    Strawberry Port-Style Experiment

    Hi All, Thinking of experimenting with something close to a strawberry port. I plan on starting a normal strawberry wine, and slow-feeding the sugar with EC-1118 to get it to around 18% ABV, and adding just a little red grape concentrate for port style body and color. Just wondering if anyone...
  4. tradowsk

    Oaked cab sauv port

    I have a WE Lodi Cab Sauv that's getting close to bottling, and I was toying with the idea of taking 1 gallon off and making a port out of it. My family loves port wines, and this cab sauv has some great flavors that I think would do well in a port style. My only concern is that I oaked this...
  5. P

    Tokay White Port

    Tokay fortified . This wine has been in barrels for some 14 years of it life the First vintage was 1997 ,1998 ,1999 they have been blended together to make a extremely smooth moreish wine 10,000 lts $17 per ltr pn Barossa Helicopters Peter Kies
  6. C

    First Port

    Hi All, First, this forum has been a wonderful resource as we started making wine! We're trying our first port style wine. Originally, we planned us chaptalization to get the ABV up as high as possible before fortifying. Using EC-1118, we brook the 21% barrier,so now we are just going to...
  7. C

    Make port from wine kit?

    I really wanted to make a chocolate orange port for Christmas this year, but it seems the manufacturers rotate the flavors and didn’t produce one this year. The closest I’ve seen is a chocolate orange wine kit (Island Mist, I think.). Can I turn half of it - which would be 3 gal - into a port...
  8. dcbrown73

    Cherry Port

    About a year ago, I started a Cherry wine. (Actually, a Cherry Chocolate Walnut wine) I said I wanted to convert some of it into a port with cherry brandy. So, I went to the store and all they had were Cherry brandy that were over $20 a bottle. I asked if they had anything cheaper (cause...
  9. ou8amaus

    Making a Port style wine from a Standard Wine Kit

    Recently I tried tweaking a lower end kit by reducing the water added, and making it to 5 gallon instead of 6 gallon. Along with a homemade frozen grape pack, extra tannin and extra oak... Overall I was pleased with the result (needs a little more aging time). I have also made a couple of Port...
  10. P

    Help with Port/ Fortified wine

    I was unsure where to post this. Please feel free to move it if necessary. I posted this in another forum and then realized, wait this is perfect for the wine guys and gals! I was give 1/2 gallon of grade B VT maple syrup. I was think about making 1.5 gals of maple "wine" and taking 1/2 gal...
  11. Becks the Elder

    Elderberry Port.

    Hi everyone, Having posted a few weeks ago about my over sweet elderberry wine which eventually stopped at 16% abv. I have decided to turn most of it over to port. I tried to drink it but it is just far too sweet for my taste. What I intend to do is take 4 bottles of sweet wine and add 1 bottle...