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  1. JB005

    Pomegranate wine

    Next month I’m planning to start a pomegranate wine. I’ve got 3-1gallon bags of pomegranate seeds and found a couple of recipes online. Any suggestions on what yeast to go with? A couple of notes: - I’m hoping to make it bold and dry. - It’ll likely ferment in an area that can drop as low as...
  2. C

    Pomegranate Progress

    Day - 14 [following restart. See posts regarding Pom Problems] Racked from primary fermenter into 5-Gal carboy SG - 1.037 pH - 3.36 TA - 1% T - 74(F) Subjective: sweet (expected), no bad odors/taste, strong pink color(not red) The wine is fermenting nicely. Activity picked up a...
  3. C

    Pomegranate -- ??problems??

    Here’s the background. I’m not by any means more than just a beginner at this wine stuff. I’ve got a couple of kits behind me along with one batch of so-so pomegranate wine that was rated at “rustic” by the wine chef at the Cordon Bleu culinary school Las Vegas. This year, my son and I...