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  1. M

    Iridescent Spots on Year in Bottle Blackberry Wine

    Hi everyone I'm new here and couldn't find an answer through other peoples questions so I thought I'd ask. I have a bottle of Blackberry wine I made in February of 2020. I made it from full Blackberry's pureed and strained through cheese cloth, and some lemon juice. Primary and secondary went...
  2. rustbucket

    Fabulous Photo

    This photo was posted on a Reddit wine making forum by u/NeverStopWandering. He didn't say where it was taken but it is a awesome picture.
  3. ianPGApro

    Wine Making Setup.. Let's see it!

    I'm patiently waiting for all of my items to arrive and have now started the process of setting up my working area. I have seen all the equipment needed and the items that would really help out ... I wanted to see if anyone would like to show their work area so that others might be able to...