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  1. A


    Hi Guys I have some question about PH before fermentation. what is number best for my juice PH? My PH is 5.2 and my Juice is Apple.
  2. Chuck E

    Recommendations for new pH meter?

    Hi All, I crave a Vinmetrica meter, but unfortunately my budget does not permit the splurge. Looking on Amazon, the cheap pH meters seem to get fair to poor ratings. Can anyone recommend a decent pH meter under $100?
  3. R

    pH Meter Calibration points?

    I recently bought my first pH meter - a Hanna Checker, Model HI98103 <details here> Mine is the newer model, and accuracy is +/- 0.2 pH. I am using it for both juice/must/wine and TA (total acid) titrations. My model is capable of either one-point or two-point calibration. Hanna provides...