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  1. U

    Pectic enzymes - this is why you use it

    Quick background: I like to fully comprehend the impact of every addition we use in making wine, so I'll periodically run small experiments. In this case I looked at the impact of making strawberry wine with and without pectic enzyme, among a handful of other trials. In this experiment, EC1118...
  2. B

    Peptic enzymes and primary fermentation

    I have been making wine for about a year now and have had a fair amount of success. I tried using fresh peaches and a thick foam formed over the wine that blocked the airlock and built up pressure. Good thing I pay a lot of attention to the wine or I would have had a disaterous cleanup. Would...
  3. Ignoble Grape

    Humidity and Additives

    Hi All - Moved from a relatively dry climate to one with more humidity. Went to add my pectic enzyme to a fresh batch of strawberry wine and it was caked into the bottle. For salt, I add rice grains.... How do you keep your powders fresh if you live in a humid climate? Thanks! Erin
  4. Tall Grass

    orange pulp and pectic enzymes

    I've been thinking about starting a batch of supermarket orange juice but it has me wondering whether to go with the very pulpy OJ or low pulp. Will it eventually settle out of the wine naturally (how long will it take?) Would adding pectic enzyme at the start of fermentation help...