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  1. M

    Very disappointing taste red grape wine

    Hi everyone, Your input really means a lot to me. I just need some clarification. I have batches that finally survived to 1.000 after a very long journey of cooking up and errors. I racked both into new carboys which eventually ended up with big spaces on the top. The whole story here. I...
  2. MiBor

    Correcting Color of White Wine

    Here is a challenging question for the experts: can white wine be color corrected? The background story behind this question goes like this: distant relative wannabe winemaker makes a 6gal batch of chardonnay from juice. Everything went OK until he decided to dial in the taste before bottling...
  3. Erin Tipton

    Oxidized Wine

    I’m new to win making and didn’t heed the warnings of topping off a bottle!! My small bottle of extra wine oxidized ☹️. Luckily my gallon is ok!! Lesson learned!! Always top off the bottle!! I’m tossing it out! See the brown ring on the rim of the wine? See the difference in color? Airlock and...