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  1. 1

    3 Year Plants?

    I’m trying to find out if I was ripped off. I bought two, 3 year old merlot vines from Ty Ty Nursery. I only came across all the bad reviews after buying them. They came to life fairly quickly and seem healthy which is good. The problem is I’m doubting they are 3 year old vines, and they...
  2. F

    Magnotta Premium Merlot

    Hi Folks, I have made a few different Magnotta wines. All are 21L pails of juice, with EC1118 yeast already added. Have made the Cabernet Sauvignon a few times with 1/2kg of sugar to bump up the Brix and 1/2kg of Elderberries and Zante Currants. Turns out pretty well for a table wine. Not...
  3. Ignoble Grape

    Guide to Oak?

    Hi all - First time I've checked on my 2018 Merlot in 4 months - it's beautiful. Very heavy on cranberry, subtle dark chocolate. Not much else that I can pick up on. I need to oak it. Is there a guide that gives a side-by-side comparison of the different qualities of oak and what other...
  4. Rusty Nesmith

    Next batch

    Went and picked up my next kit. This kit has the skins also. As soon as I rack the Cab Sauvignon into the carboy I will start this one.
  5. tradowsk

    WineXpert cheap Merlot kit has little taste

    I bought a cheap 1 gallon WE Merlot kit over the summer to mess around with. I fermented with the included oak dust and BM4x4, and everything went smoothly. SG stabilized at 0.996 after about 2 months, so I did a quick 3-day cold crash in my fridge to speed the clearing and then added 1/4...
  6. ringmany

    Merlot with Plums and Blueberries

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to try and replicate a wine that my family loves which is: Echo Falls - Merlot, ripe plums & blueberries. I think the best way to do this is to purchase a California Connoisseur - Merlot wine kit, then add my own plums and blueberries whilst I'm fermenting. So I...