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  1. FlamingoEmporium

    Next Batch Will Be…..

    While the loquat clears (for probably 6 more months) and the coconut experiment continues to make new inroads, I’m dreaming of my next batch. It will be mango based, since I’ve got more than enough frozen mango 🥭 from last year and before in the deep freeze. i would like to make a two fruit...
  2. tradowsk

    Blood Orange Mango

    I picked up some Mango Nectar and a bag of blood oranges today for winemaking. I'm debating on how best to add the blood oranges. My typical MO would be to zest 2 oranges and steep in hot water, then add that "tea" to primary along with the fresh juice. But I'm wondering if it would be better...
  3. Noontime

    Our sparkling mango is delicious!

    We popped open our fist sparkling mango wine over the weekend, and it was delicious. We decided not to do the traditional method and just throw yeast and sugar in there (figuratively) and cap it. So it was dry, but wonderfully effervescent and fruity. We'll definitely be doing that with future...