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  1. Cellar Vader

    Is K-Meta harmful to a fermentation

    Last night I used a stir-spoon on my young (1-day old) fermentation (a kit) without having rinsed off the kmeta that I had sprayed on it to disinfect it. Is this harmful to the yeast cells which are in the process of reproducing? We're talking about a very small amount, but still, I need to...
  2. tradowsk

    Kmeta when bottle conditioning

    I have a batch of cider that's almost ready for bottling, and I'm going to carbonate it naturally by adding some apple juice concentrate right before filling the bottles. Do I add kmeta as well for protection or do I skip it to keep the yeast active?
  3. tradowsk

    Adding kmeta to mead?

    Potentially stupid question, but does one add kmeta to mead once fermentation is done and it's gone dry? Or is that just a grape/fruit winemaking thing? I would assume you would want to add kmeta to prevent oxidation during bulk aging, but I haven't been able to find a reference saying to do so...
  4. oversight

    Moldy Fermetor -Super Bleach, Super KMeta

    Well there was a splash of mold in my fermentor and I am making my first wine kit so I didn't want there to be any trouble. I decided against using boiling Hydrochloric acid to sterilize and went for the next best thing... Bleach. Someone here in another thread had a link to a brewtalkradio...