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  1. G

    Other Fermentation temperature for kit wines from juice

    I was wondering what other people's thoughts are on fermentation of kit wines from juice. I have made a few kit wines with great success, but I don't own a heater and usually ferment in the summer when the room temperature is warmer. As you may be able to tell, I have a red kit that is asking...
  2. B

    Fruit and juice canned by grandmother

    Brand new member here! Have made wine in the past, but want to start making a cleaner, better product. Grandma recently passed away, but she was an avid canner of all sorts of things, including local wild fruits and their juices. I'd like to make wine from these if possible, but should I treat...
  3. Sputman99

    Blended the grapes

    Hi - I’m new to the forums And a Noob at wine making. I have loads of Concord grapes and wanted to make some wine. Now what I have done is did a quick blend of the grapes, did a heat in a saucepan, ran it though a sieve and ended up with a thick grape syrup which i have frozen. I know I should...
  4. Intheswamp

    Welch's Juice Concentrates discontinued.... ???

    I mentioned in another thread about going out of our way to go by a Krogers Grocery Store in Opelika, Alabama because the Welch's Juice website that they carried the White Grape and Peach Concentrates. (Thirty minutes out of our way on a trip home from Georgia.) Naturally there wasn't a single...