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  1. B

    DMA 35 for Fermentation Tracking

    Hi Guys, Running a small winery in northern CA. I was wondering if anybody has used Anton Paar's DMA 35 for fermentation tracking? https://www.anton-paar.com/us-en/products/details/dma-35/ Thanks -Rex
  2. S

    When to Harvest?

    Is this the most crucial question with no precise answer yet? When is your time? Color? sugar? acidity? We don't want to miss the right moment this year, any advices will help
  3. JimInNJ

    Dornfelder Harvest 2018

    Harvested the Dornfelder on September 22nd, four vines, one in each corner of my little vineyard: My "Italian" Destemmer in action: After Destemming: Crushing: Ready to Ferment: ...One week later... Pressing 1: Pressing 2: After Pressing, before Racking off Gross Lees: