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    Bench Trials, Taste Testing Blackberry Port

    Hello, everybody 👋 I've got a blackberry port in bulk aging, fortified (brandy + Everclear) and backsweetened (invert syrup + frozen fruit 'f-pack') 1 month ago, <2 months since pitching. I under-shot the sweetness, and added no acid, with the intention of doing a further adjustment after the...
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    Help with Port/ Fortified wine

    I was unsure where to post this. Please feel free to move it if necessary. I posted this in another forum and then realized, wait this is perfect for the wine guys and gals! I was give 1/2 gallon of grade B VT maple syrup. I was think about making 1.5 gals of maple "wine" and taking 1/2 gal...