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    Beginner from Williamsburg, VA!

    Hello all! SO my name is Zach, and I haven't really lurked much on the forums here TOO MUCH, but I think I'm going to start after I make this post. I've been here a few times just to look for random tips (whenever Google sent me here) and it seems like a great place full of smart people...
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    First timer

    Hi, i am new and trying to make wine but my problem is i am in the place where i cannot get wine yeast and any other things, i have bought baker’s yeast, 3KG of peach, 20 liter jar, white table sugar 3 1/5 KG and one balloon to cover my jar, thats all i can get here. Do you think only above...
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    specific gravity problem

    My first try is a Concord grape wine. One week ago I followed a recipe for Concord grape wine. After a week it seems to be progressing but I learned that I should have added more sugar. The starting SG was only about 1.050. I think it should have been around 1.1. After a week it's down to 1.2...