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  1. K

    Lawn treatment damage to young grapevines

    I have 2nd year grafted Petit Verdot and Cab Sauv vines in my backyard that were doing well until a recent treatment by my lawn company 48 hours ago on friday 4/30. The attached photos were just taken. I was not paying attention to their schedule and did not tell them to avoid the area. Last...
  2. R

    Fertilizer Questions

    I have read and heard that I should not be putting down any fertilizer the first year but I've also read on some sites that putting fertilizer down during the first year is a must so not 100% sure on that. Also, with regards to fertilizers, has anyone used Miracle Gro and if so when did you...
  3. wood1954

    marquette nutrient defiency or fungus

    I planted my Marquette grapes 4 years ago in sandy soil. The soil test result indicated I needed potassium and phosphorous I put about a 1/4 cup around each plant in the spring of 10-10-10 fertilizer and things went well lots of growth and then the vines seemed to pause and two got very pale...