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  1. JimInNJ

    Oak Comparison Results: French / Hungarian / American

    I have some preliminary results from one of the experiments I'm running on my 2018 Dornfelder. The wine was fermented with BDX, D80 and RP15 yeasts and kept separate until after MLF was complete. Some of each was set aside for a yeast comparison experiment. The rest was blended, then divided...
  2. JimInNJ

    Dornfelder Harvest 2018

    Harvested the Dornfelder on September 22nd, four vines, one in each corner of my little vineyard: My "Italian" Destemmer in action: After Destemming: Crushing: Ready to Ferment: ...One week later... Pressing 1: Pressing 2: After Pressing, before Racking off Gross Lees: