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  1. konradtacular

    How to bottle from a large demijohn

    So I've got two 54L demijohns and I was wondering how I should go about bottling my wine now that it's clear and ready. I have a racking cane and a simple bottling wand. I also have some 5 gallon buckets with a spigot on them that I've used in the past. Should I sulfite my wine transfer to 5...
  2. Davielovesgravy

    Advice needed MYO winekit, when and what flavours to add?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. This is my first post after making my first ever red wine kit (first of many I am sure) and I am looking for some advice please. A little bit of background before I ask my question. I managed to get hold of two short dated red wine...
  3. ringmany

    Half full demijohn, will it cause issues in secondary fermentation?

    Hi everyone, I've been making some Plum wine. I've reached the secondary fermentation stage, so I've moved my wines into two, 1 gallon demijohns. There's less liquid than I thought there would be, so I wasn't able to fill the demijohn all the way. Here's a photo showing them both: So both...