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  1. TikiWine

    Degass or no degass?

    I am interested in letting my kit degass naturally. Has anyone tried this? How long does it take?
  2. Ignoble Grape

    First Big Investment - Input

    Hi All, So this harvest I'm going to be making my first big equipment purchase. Exciting! Quick check for understanding with all you experts: 1. An all-in-one pump degasses - really helpful for kits, not necessarily for wine made for grapes, but doesn't filter (I may be incorrect with this...
  3. G

    degassing done poorly, should I rebottle?

    It is clear to me that I did a bad job degassing some wine kits. Can/should I empty the bottles, run them through the all-in-one Santa got me (early present, I've been good this year), and rebottle? If I go that route, do I need to resanitize the bottles or add more meta bisulfite?
  4. winedegasser

    Vacuum degassing - How much vacuum should I pull and why

    The reason why degassing is important in home wine brewing is that during the fermentation process of wine making, carbon dioxide is released and dissolved in the fermented juice. Vacuum is a very effective way to extract Co2 from the wine. But how much vacuum should we pull? Too low it won't...