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  1. J

    Bentonite not setteling

    Hi, after sending our wine to the laboratory, they advised us to add bentonite to clear some remaining proteins. We have two wines, a pinot noir (white) and a chardonnay. The pinot noir cleared up just fine after 10 days or so after we added the bentonite. The chardonnay is still cloudy. Any...
  2. K

    Organic eggshells as a clearing agent

    Good morning all. I started a ginger wine about a month ago and it was taking forever to start to clear. I read on the internet that it could take months to clear . I was impatient. I then asked the internet for a solution and came across an article about using cooked organic egg shells to clear...
  3. jmac

    Post back sweetening quick mead clarify

    This post has been moved to General winemaking. Buy me, the poster. Because I couldn't figure out how to delete this one.