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  1. J

    No second fermentation in bottle? (or a very slow one?)

    Hello, I tried making a sparkling wine of grapes last spring, which failled because only some bottles fermented a second time. I think it was because of the high alcohol content in the wine (13°). To get a little practice i tried again this summer with apple cider. We ran the same proces only...
  2. J

    starting a bottle fermentation

    Hello, we are new to winemaking, we made a batch of mixed 50/50 Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The wine is clear and we would like to try to make a sparkling wine from it. BUT we miscalculated when adding sugar at the start, so the alcohol content is already 13 vol%! Now i did some research...
  3. T

    How far to insert champagne / sparkling wine corks? (Some are stuck)

    The last few times I made champagne I used plastic stoppers, which worked fine and popped out by hand as expected. This last time I actually used real champagne corks. When I went to un-bottle the first one, the cork wouldn't pop, and I had to use a corkscrew. The champagne was fine, but I'm...
  4. ringmany

    How much sugar for priming Elderflower champagne?

    Hi everyone, I'm making some Elderflower champagne using the 'Youngs elderflower wine' kit. The seller states you can simply add sugar at the bottling stage to prime it for making it champagne instead of wine. However, the instructions don't have the steps to achieve this, as it isn't...
  5. Pavel314

    Another Sparkling Disaster

    Last year, I made three batches of fruit wine with the intention of producing sparkling wine from them. All three batches were made within a few months of each other, went through the primary fermentation, then were put into Champagne bottles and capped for the secondary fermentation. Having had...
  6. waynemart

    Sparkling Wine by Adding C02

    Someone once told me that you can bypass the whole second fermentation thing by injecting carbon dioxide similar to the way it is done in making beer. The trick, I was told, is to get a wine that has a 15% - 18% alcohol level, pour into your pressure chamber, chill the container in a bucket of...
  7. U

    champagne bottles

    I have had difficulty finding good champagne bottles. The only ones I have been able to get are used. The only champagne bottles that I have found available for sale on the net and the supply stores are green champagne bottles without a punt and from China. They are thinner than the usual...