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  1. B

    DMA 35 for Fermentation Tracking

    Hi Guys, Running a small winery in northern CA. I was wondering if anybody has used Anton Paar's DMA 35 for fermentation tracking? Thanks -Rex
  2. R

    Nortons in SW Missouri SG/Brix?

    I am trying to decide when to pick my first crop of Nortons (Cynthiana). I have no experience in monitoring these grapes (or any others) as they ripen. On September 19 my refractometer readings were about SG = 1.085; Brix = 20. I have been checking every couple of days since then, and there has...
  3. JuiceMan

    Cherry Wine Info is having a very short Cherry Juice Concentrate sale for wineries. 68 brix, nothing added and cold filled for better fermentation. $6.00 per quart ($24.00 per gallon). Not advertised on their site. You have to call toll free at 1-877-591-3101 - ask for Ken
  4. R

    Calculating %ABV Without the Initial Specific Gravity

    Some Helpful Tips for Winemaking One likes to know the final alcohol content after making a batch of wine. Typically, one can calculate this from the initial and final specific gravity. The initial specific gravity can be measured directly or from the Brix number from index of refraction...
  5. M

    Help! BRIX and Hydrometer don't imply same thing!

    Hello everyone, I am a UK girl making wine in a very small family inherited vineyard only 100 vines in France. This is my third year, year 1 was a disaster, year 2 is drinkable and I am in the middle of year 3. This wine is for home consumption only. I hope you learned people will be...
  6. Becks the Elder

    Hydrometers, Refractometers,Brix, SG & abv. Conversions.

    Hydrometers, Refractometers, Brix, SG & abv. Conversions. Hi everyone, I have been using my hydrometer and taking readings and then subtracting the finishing SG from the starting SG and dividing by 7.36 to get the abv. I have recently been toying with the idea of buying a refractometer so...