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  1. A

    Fermentation - Strong Cap but Brix is 0

    9 days in Cab Franc and Merlot 5 gallons each the cap is strong, but the refractometer reads 0 time to press?
  2. B

    DMA 35 for Fermentation Tracking

    Hi Guys, Running a small winery in northern CA. I was wondering if anybody has used Anton Paar's DMA 35 for fermentation tracking? Thanks -Rex
  3. R

    Nortons in SW Missouri SG/Brix?

    I am trying to decide when to pick my first crop of Nortons (Cynthiana). I have no experience in monitoring these grapes (or any others) as they ripen. On September 19 my refractometer readings were about SG = 1.085; Brix = 20. I have been checking every couple of days since then, and there has...
  4. JuiceMan

    Cherry Wine Info is having a very short Cherry Juice Concentrate sale for wineries. 68 brix, nothing added and cold filled for better fermentation. $6.00 per quart ($24.00 per gallon). Not advertised on their site. You have to call toll free at 1-877-591-3101 - ask for Ken
  5. M

    Help! BRIX and Hydrometer don't imply same thing!

    Hello everyone, I am a UK girl making wine in a very small family inherited vineyard only 100 vines in France. This is my third year, year 1 was a disaster, year 2 is drinkable and I am in the middle of year 3. This wine is for home consumption only. I hope you learned people will be...
  6. Becks the Elder

    Hydrometers, Refractometers,Brix, SG & abv. Conversions.

    Hydrometers, Refractometers, Brix, SG & abv. Conversions. Hi everyone, I have been using my hydrometer and taking readings and then subtracting the finishing SG from the starting SG and dividing by 7.36 to get the abv. I have recently been toying with the idea of buying a refractometer so...