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  1. J

    For Sale So Many Wine Making Supplies! Vacuum Bottler, Glassware, Titration Kit, and More!

    Hello! I have a ton of wine making supplies available. Would like to sell as one lot. Located in Seattle area. Some highlights: DIY Automatic Vacuum Bottle Filler (Link to youtube vid) Bottle Corker Bottle drying rack Titration Kit Vacuum Pump and fittings for racking/bottling Refractometer...
  2. DonnyDarko19

    Wine Bottle Wax Seals

    Hello all, So I have some red wine that will be bottled soon. I found a few threads discussing the topic of using wax seals on wine bottles. However, there was usually one question asked that never seemed to get a straight answer or was ignored altogether. My hope is to get that questioned...
  3. S

    Bottle Filling with All In One Wine Pump

    Here's a short video of wine bottle filling with the All In One Wine Pump. We filled and corked 150 bottles (5 carboys) Sunday in about 3 hours. Could not have done that many without the Wine Pump and our floor corker. On Saturday we filtered all 5 carboys with a filter attached to the All In...