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  1. Wilhelm

    Garage Winemaking in South Africa

    Good day, though I've been brewing beer for about 4 years, I am brand spanking new to winemaking. I'm now busy with my first batch and will post my progress and comments here for anyone interested. Any comments and feedback welcome. So the first wine is a Winexpert Riesling Kit. I chose this...
  2. D

    Front sweeten or back sweeten?

    Just a quick poll for those who make sweeter wine: do you prefer to load up the sugar at the beginning, or sweeten on the back end? I've only back sweetened so far, but I'm curious about doing it on the front end. Also, if you do it at the front end, do you still have to add potassium sorbate...
  3. B

    Help With Southern Home Grapes

    Is there anything wrong with these grapes ? The leaves are very red. The problem is I'm not sure if it's because it's fall or if there is something wrong. Sorry for the noob question.
  4. A

    a newbie

    hello wine fellas i very new when it comes to wine making! and i did see a video in youtube an easy way to make some but the thing is: 1. its illegal to drink any kind of alcohols in here. 2. i cant find the materials to make one such as airlock, hydrometer, etc. so i found this video below...
  5. S

    Water Question

    My husband and I are making pear wine for the first time. We are making 6 gallons and the recipe calls for 4-6 pounds per gallon. We added the fruit to a 7.9 gallon primary fermenter, but then only had room for about 1/2 the amount of water that was called for by the recipe. It said 3 1/4...