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  1. safe bomb

    Headspace monitor

    Hi All, We are thinking of making bungs that will glow (red) if the headspace in the barrel grows to more than a specified amount. Will this be of interest to you? Will it save time by addressing only barrels that need topping up, rather than blindly topping up every barrel? and that too...
  2. A

    Stainless Steel barrel?

    I really wanted to find a ~30 gallon neutral oak barrel, but they seem to be difficult to come across. So now I'm thinking of going with a 30 gallon stainless steel. I won't get the nice texture you get from oak oxygenation but at least I can work at a quantity I think would be manageable. Has...
  3. C

    Leaking stave

    I have one stave that is perspiring, pushing wine thru the wood in too many place to count, just one stave and not at seam. Tried wax, slowed it a bit, I have emptied the barrel and plan to dry it out and try the wax again. Any other suggestions, I will share I resolved a leak at a head stave...