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  1. S

    Help interpreting wine analysis report

    I finally broke down and sent a couple of my wines from 2019, the last year I had any grapes, to a lab in Napa. Just got the results back but I'm kind of lost as to how to interpret them and I'm hoping there's a chart somewhere they can tell me what these values should be and how to correct it...
  2. NCWC

    Tartaric vs Malolatic acid

    I have an acid addition question. I have a Sav. Blanc the pH is 3.65 it tastes great but is flat I already did heat and cold stabilization. I did bench trials 3.30 pH.with tartaric and malic acid. The malic version came out fantastic. My question are, 1. is there a downside to using malic acid...
  3. N

    Adjusting Total Acidity in Juice buckets

    I just started fermenting my 4 buckets of Chilean juice yesterday, and I measured the PH and TA but didn't add any acid even though the levels where a little low because the PH seemed pretty low too. All the buckets had started fermenting at least a little bit already, and I didn't heat the...
  4. C

    Acidity check: now or later?

    Making two 6 gallon batches of blueberry wine. I had a question about adjusting the total acidity. I didn't check it when I first started the wine and I had added acid blend. Should I have checked at the beginning? Should I check the acidity and adjust it now? Or should I wait and...
  5. Tall Grass

    PH vs Titration ?

    I haven't done any acidity testing yet but after a few 1 gallon 'experimental' batches I'm considering getting an acid testing kit but it seems like the PH strips would be the easier way of doing it. Most of the local brew shops carry the titration kits which are relatively cheap. Now I'm...