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  1. MiBor

    Adding Lactic Acid to Finished Wine

    This is something I've been thinking about for a while. It's more of an intellectual musing than a practical solution to a problem, but I believe there is something to be gained from sorting it out. I searched the forums and there is not much on the subject, just a mention of it here and there...
  2. M

    High PH in White Wine from Grapes

    Thank you in advance for anyone willing to lend their knowledge! I have about 10.5 gallons of a mix of Chardonel and Vidal Blanc must that has already gone through primary fermentation (.25 brix at this moment) and racked twice. The must is from crushed/pressed grapes grown in Western PA so I...
  3. N

    Adjusting Total Acidity in Juice buckets

    I just started fermenting my 4 buckets of Chilean juice yesterday, and I measured the PH and TA but didn't add any acid even though the levels where a little low because the PH seemed pretty low too. All the buckets had started fermenting at least a little bit already, and I didn't heat the...