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  1. FrameofLightDesigner

    Whoopsie Daisy

    Yeah, so, one of the first wines I made was a cucumber-citrus-ginger wine backsweetened with agave. My calculations were slightly off, and I ended up with 26% ABV. My question is, is there anything I can do at this point to cut this in half?
  2. V

    Backsweetening Strawberry Wine

    So this is my first batch, and I am learning as I go. I’ve already added potassium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate, kielsol, and chitosan. Starting SG was 1.05 ending was 0.995 I’ve been tasting my wine as I go, and it just seems very vinegary to me. I just took a sample and backsweetened...
  3. R

    Calculating %ABV Without the Initial Specific Gravity

    Some Helpful Tips for Winemaking One likes to know the final alcohol content after making a batch of wine. Typically, one can calculate this from the initial and final specific gravity. The initial specific gravity can be measured directly or from the Brix number from index of refraction...