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    Buon Vino Super Jet T29213

    have not filtered with it yet but can agree, the AIO pump is incredible and worth every penny
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    Buon Vino Super Jet T29213

    I can’t help but here’s a link to a post trying to give away some Super Jet filters!
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    What are your "Top 10" including equipment/tips/tricks pertaining to Kit Wine Making?

    I’ve had a terrible time with leaks.. It worked well for a while but eventually just started leaking every time.. makes quite a mess!
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    Next Level Oak

    Received my order today and added to 6 gal of WE World Vineyard Cabernet that needs “help”. @Mike - Next Level Oak was great to deal with and he shipped the product super fast. I’ll taste test in a week and report back!
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    I guess I should have been more clear. There was no wine loss —and I did control the vacuum once the foam reached the top.. I just meant that normally it would have come out of the top of the carboy and made a mess but instead the small amount of foam that made it up the neck went into the...
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    Our first Wine show....

    What is your delivery radius? South Hills??
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    I just used mine for the first time today.. WOW! What a game changer. I wish that I had more to rack right now. Press the button and sit down for a few minutes (enjoy that sample that you took). Boom, 6 gallons transferred and degassed. This was the first 3 month racking and holy crap did it...
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    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    Got it.. thanks! I was looking on the 2 websites listed under “Where to Buy” but couldn’t find the product.. I’ll place an order later today
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    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    How/where can we buy your product?
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    Must Punchers Anonymous

    Gone here a few times. Neat concept, beer wasn’t particularly great but a fun experience for a group!
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    Salute from Canada !!
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    Decent book about winemaking

    I’m all about helping the little guy but the book on Amazon is $16.79, shipping alone on his website is $13. The difference between what PayPal takes vs Amazon might not be much!
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    Next steps in the long haul

    Perfect. I’ll just consider myself as being efficient. 😂 thanks for responding
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    Next steps in the long haul

    Meaning, don’t add any more during the 3 month rackings, right? Sorry, newbie questions.
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    Next steps in the long haul

    So if said “friend” accidentally added 1/4 tablespoon, it would be fine, eventually.