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    Not around much

    I pray that GOD comforts and blesses your dads following days, and sends peace to you and all your family.
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    Other Noblesse test on kit

    Sure was hoping these would take a turn for the better. I know I've learned alot from your thread, and your posts, along with many others. Thanks again!
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    Other Noblesse test on kit

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    What Should I Charge?

    I have this funny feeling , we all, will be addressing Jim as MR.Boatboy24 from now on.
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    Other Noblesse test on kit

    Ok,... some may remember that I have this smell/taste issue with kits. Maybe it's my body chemistry, who knows. lol. After studying Nobleese, I thought I would give this a try. I know kits aren't supposed to be added to, but I pulled a gallon so I could do a test to see if it would remove the...
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    Awesome Washington Wine Story

    I think understanding Tannin is the seceret to great wine, after that, it needs time to age. It is the balance of both.
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    Hard to Believe!

    I also want to say congratulations! And also, Thanks. Your threads and posts, have helped in improving my winemaking in many ways.
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    Harford Vineyard Chilean Grape/Juice Pickup

    Might pay to do the test on a liter of wine...???
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Enjoying a bottle of the Coconut Yuzu, Joe, man this is goooood. Thanks. Cheers!!!
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    Potassium Carbonate vs Potassium Bicarbonate post fermentation.

    Sorry, I just noticed your second paragraph. Is this what your refering to: Potassium carbonate can react with malic acid (though as stated above, tartaric takes precedence) to form potassium bimalate. However, potassium bimalate is soluble in wine and will not (or may be difficult to)...
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    A Note on Potassium Carbonate

    Ditto. Bench trials are suggested, and even these, with pH adjustments, can try the patience of a saint.
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    Harford Vineyard Chilean Grape/Juice Pickup

    I don't doubt H2S had a something to do with this earlier on, with the odors, and the mlf crawling along. It could be another bacterial infection, which i'm doubting it is. Brett would be my first guess and it has many characters along it's journey. Some encourage it's early stage of the "...
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    SO2 In Reds

    About the same here, Thanks John.
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    No Fermentation

    If you like using water to top up, that's cool, what ever works for you. If your happy I'm happy.
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    SO2 In Reds

    @Johnd on average, between regular rackings, from carboy to carboy while aging and no additions of anything but so2, what ppm are you usually at (free so2). Don't go to any trouble to check. I was hoping you might remember.