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    New Winexpert Kits

    My brew store says the top line red kits with skins are 13L plus 1L of skins. I'm still not buying the whole smaller is better. cheers
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    New Winexpert Kits

    I was just on my local suppliers online store and they have the new WE kits listed. They are the same price and the old eclipse kits . Some of them mention grape skins. but there is no listing of the quantity of juice so not sure if they skin kits have less volume to account for the skins as the...
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    New Winexpert Kits

    The issue as I have with the new and improved and lets not forget smaller kits is the unknown. I usually have my top line kits sit for 2 years before I drink them. I make about a dozen kits a year and 75% are from Vineco or WE. So am I going to invest in 18 kits @ $120-150 per kit over the next...
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    should there be a concern over the age of top up wine?

    I'm making another RJS EPWS Cab and was going to use a bottle of he same wine for top up. Should I have any concerns with using a 3 year old wine to top up a fresh batch? I always wondered about this practice. thx and cheers
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    No Alcohol Detected

    If you started with 1.040 and ended with .991, then you have an alcohol content of 6.7% according to the online calculator i used. If this is a fruit kit or mist kit then the addition of what is normally a large f-pack will give it a sweet taste (also hides any flaws with the wine). it will...
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    Sulphite Additions

    or you could buy direct for 1/2 the price. ask for roger vintable.com
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    Fermentation finished early

    do you use your primary pail for EM or do you use another vessel like the wide mouth carboy? thx
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    Fermentation finished early

    Hi Dugger. it has been awhile since i've seen you here but then again, i"m not on here much of late either. Since I have never done the 14 day method, you are saying the whole bag will eventually sink?. How does that do for racking. I find the eclipse and now showcase (since i've done a few of...
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    WineXpert day 6 only 22L (or less) left

    I can't say whether this is a common mistake or not. Though it may be a bit misleading to call it a 18L kit even though it is 16L of juice plus the grapeskins, that should not matter if following the directions included. Under step one-day 1, 1.3 and 1.4 clearly state to add the juice and then...
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    New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Atmosphere or Eclipse?

    Eclipse is 18L vs 16L for the atmosphere. that would make the decision for me every time but then i'm a wine kit snob cheers
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    Fermentation finished early

    I do believe that your instructions call for you to leave it in the primary till day 14. I have not made a kt yet that was not almost done fermenting by the 7th day so yours is not unusual. If you follow the instructions, you will be covered if anything goes wrong. However, the part of the...
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    WineXpert kits with f-packs

    Not much i can add that hasn't already been said, however .................. since this if your first kit with an f-pack, just know that the size of the f-packs are not always that big. two kits i would recommend with small f-packs (maybe around 1/4 cup - didn't measure them), are winery series...
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    Suggestions for a good Trio Kit

    i have made the EP winery series Trio red and very much enjoyed it. Spagnols also make different 3 grape blends in the CRU SELECT line Chile Style Cabernet Malbec Carménère Australia Style Cabernet Shiraz Merlot California Cabernet Syrah Zinfandel i dont make kits without skins but have tasted...
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    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft Showcase Barbera

    wine expert has a limited edition kit that may be what you're looking for. probably not too late to order one or 2 or 3. you get the picture, one is not enough and ....... Italy Barbaresco Style with Grape Skins LE18 cheers
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    Wine Kitz Any kits for rose'?

    i made this Rose last year and as soon as I bottled it, i ordered another kit. The colour and taste has made this a summer fav of ours cheers EN PRIMEUR WINERY SERIES Pinot Noir Rosé Bursting with the aromas and flavours of strawberry jam, complimented by raspberries, rhubarb and floral...