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    Very new so please help me get started!

    Find a simple recipe for something that you think you might like, the mead you tried for example, and post it here. Check the recipe section of this and other wine making sites...jackkellerdotnet is a good one. Maybe someone here can advise you on the steps to take, or offer other...
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    Final touch & bottling

    I'm still a newbie myself, but everything I've read indicates that bulk aging (six to twelve months) is more desirable than bottle aging, but the aging/conditioning process does continue even when in the bottle. For a lot of people, it is the need to start another batch with the fermentor...
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    container to small for primary?

    Split the batch between two containers! Use a pot from the kitchen until you can get something more suitable. Or, at least put the bucket in a tub, tray, or something, to contain the spills/mess. Good luck, oxeye
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    Hi There

    Welcome, thomson2008 - Are you intending to start with a kit, or with fresh fruit? oxeye
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    new batch blackberry wine- very little body

    Hmmm...I guess it's gonna take a vet with more experience than I to offer anything useful. I was thinking of acid blend, but I see you've already got that. I can only see two things that seem questionable to me, and they both don't really have an impact here. The first would be doubling...
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    beginner with a question

    keithusf, Sorry for the delay in responding. You did exactly right by airlocking the juice ASAP! You are going to need to do some reading...more than just recipes. Every wine maker needs a good understanding of the basics. The reason your original recipe conflicts with other recipes...
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    beginner with a question

    What size is the jug/bucket/etc. that your gallon of juice is in, and is it glass, plastic, or metal? How much headspace (air) is between the top of the juice and the bottom of the drilled stopper (bung) holding the airlock? What kind of yeast did you pitch? What temperature is the room...
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    beginner with a question

    You haven't given enough information to get any advice! Are you making wine from fresh fruit or from a kit or from a recipe or what! What kind of yeast did you use? What is the recipe? Have you followed it to the letter, or have you modified it a little bit, or a lot? Do you have...
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    Advice On Fermenting

    Me thinks Nathan is underage and is simply working with what his lunch money will provide him with. Aren't you Nathan?! Does your mother know what you've been up to, Nathan? oxeye
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    peach wine will not ferment

    You can dilute the juice down to 1.085 or so, where the juice from vine ripened grapes normally test. If you use just water, the peach taste will be weakened, but the ABV will still be plenty high (for me that is... only you can say what is plenty for you). If you use a bottled, or frozen...
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    Scaling up wine recipes

    Hey...if you like the results you are getting, then that's all that really matters, isn't it! BTW - 8 tsps. of acid blend seems a little excessive, as does the 2 tsps. of pectic enzyme for a juice based wine with no pulp to work on. oxeye
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    Begginer from Sydney

    Hey, Chiefman - Are you new to this hobby, or a seasoned vet? oxeye
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    Greetings from the midwest

    Hey, hayfire - Welcome to the forum! Yes, it should get even better as the months go by. Patience is hard to come by sometimes, especially when it tastes good even when it's young! Wow...90 miles to your LOCAL!?! Home Brew Store!!! I guess everything IS relative, Huh! What did...
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    Hey, Bubba - Is this a project which you intend to start, or do you have a batch underway as I speak? oxeye
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    Hi There

    Hi, Tim - Welcome to the forum! Have you got anything in a primary right now? oxeye