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    Breathable Carboy Bungs?

    I've been using them for the past 2 years, in PET carboys with no ill effects. Most all of my wines stay in the carboy for about a year before bottling. I love the fact that I don't have to worry about my air locks going dry. I currently have 8 carboys, at various stages of aging with breathable...
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    Kit wine has leaked a little in Retail box

    I had a few kits arrive in the same condition over the years. I went ahead and made them with no ill effects. I looked at it as a bonus, I got 2 kits for the price of one..
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    I've been using aquarium heaters for decades with no ill effects.
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    Private Reserve Veneto Amarone Wine Kit

    Yet another reason I'll be switching to RJ Spanols going forward.
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    Private Reserve Veneto Amarone Wine Kit

    That looks a lot better! I wouldn't be any hurry to bottle. At a minimum, I would give it 3 months in the carboy before bottling. 6-12 months is when I normally bottle.... Leaving it in the carboy will also keep you from drinking it before it's time... Saluti!
  6. jumby

    Private Reserve Veneto Amarone Wine Kit

    That's a lot of head space... I would seriously considering re racking that into a 5 gal carboy... It would require to much volume for me to top up, therefore i would go with a smaller carboy...
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    Carboy Aging

    That's what I'm asking... I hit mine every 3 months with a dose of k-meta.
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    Carboy Aging

    Just curious, what's the longest time you aged your wine in a carboy? Personally, I try to bottle after about a year. I use silicone, vented bungs for aging too, so I don't have to worry about my airlocks going dry.
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    Limoncello, Everclear / Vodka Question

    Sure you can, but I don't know why you would??? Using Everclear is the traditional, old world way of making of Limoncello.
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    Limoncello, take 2

    I made orange. Personally I didn't care for it. It tasted like spiked orange juice to me. I also made lime. For me, lemons are the way to go. That's the traditional Italian way...
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    Limoncello - how long will it keep?

    1-2 years easily in the cellar. Probably longer then that due to the high ABV. On a side note I use 195 proof Everclear, not vodka.
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    Wine Explosion! My Fault???

    I had that happen myself, while carry a box down the cellar steps. The bottom blew out, and wine tumbled down about 10 steps like a slinky. Thank god the bladder didn't break! It's always in the back of my mind now when carrying a box.
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    Fruit wine - when to remove bag of fruit from primary?

    Personally, I don't transfer it until it's completely dry. That normally takes about 7 day. That's also when I pull the fruit.
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    Cellar Craft showcase Chile Carmenere

    Mine is put away bulk aging. I ended up adding 1 French Oak, Medium Plus Toast Spiral in addition to the cubes. Time will tell!
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    Apple Wine

    I think I'm going to dose mine with Dualfine/Superkleer. Is there any downside to using a clearing agent in apple wine?