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    Vineco Kenridge Shiraz Kit

    Steve , you right on both, the kit does make an imperial gallon Ie 4.5l end product but it starts off as being 5 liters. Good news I decided to take a SG reading and it was above 1000 so decided to have a little taste - yummy. I've degassed, stabilized and now clearing it. In the...
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    Vineco Kenridge Shiraz Kit

    Just to Add to that Its been fermenting in the Bin for 7days and the instructions require you to rack it into another vessel and allow it to ferment for a further 6 days for the secondary fermentation. Ta
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    Vineco Kenridge Shiraz Kit

    Hi all, New on this but would like some advice on a Kenridge Shiraz 6 bottle kit I did. It makes 4.5 liters out of 5 liters but in my wisdom decided to add 500ml of water on top to compensate what I lost in racking to get out the full 5 liters. My issue is I've just racked it into a...