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    Winexpert LE19

    How’s the Corazon turning out with a few more months of age? I have this kit I need to start once I free up a carboy. Thanks
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    Sparkling Concord (intentionally)?

    Thanks all for the input and links to the different carbonation techniques. The traditional technique looks interesting but I don't have the equipment to pull it off. Also, don't have kegging equipment so I'm left to carbing in the bottle. sdibley - is it normal to do an MLF on this varietal? I...
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    Sparkling Concord (intentionally)?

    Hello All, I've been lurking on the forum for about a year as I can't seem to find any prior topic on this. Great stuff on here and extremely helpful forum on almost any topic, except I can't seem to find anything about this one. Has anyone made an sparkling concord on purpose? If so, what...
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    Hurry up and age already...

    Hurry up and age already...
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    Making a Port style wine from a Standard Wine Kit

    How did this port turn out after a couple years of aging and what was your final SG? Thanks