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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    @mainshipfred - Any idea of what shipping costs (Portland) would be to the West Coast based on prior year's orders? I'm interested in a 30 liter if there is still time to place an order and the shipping isn't outrageous. Thanks...
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    Best sugar for back sweetening?

    Honestly, I haven’t let any of the ciders age that long as we usually drink them within 6 months so I’m not sure. Hasn’t seemed to get any sweeter over that short period of time though.
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    Last grapes of the year...

    Wow, very impressive on the grapes and quantity for this late in the season after, I'm assuming, the prior batches from fresh grapes. Just curious if your TA numbers are correct for batches #4, 5 and 6 as those seem way high. Am I missing something with those readings?
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    Best sugar for back sweetening?

    I use xylitol to back sweeten sparkling ciders and it tastes ok and has worked fine. Most recently tried Erythritol to backsweeten a sparkling concord wine which I have yet to taste, letting it bottle carb now. Xylitol is a little different taste than sugar but I don't use a lot as we prefer...
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    Orange wine? (White grapes fermented like a red)

    @heatherd - Orange Muscat is a type of varietal and that kit appears to be just juice. Not really the “orange wine” in discussion on this thread which is fermenting whites on the skins... However, I have had a bottle of Orange Muscat (dessert wine) from Ledson and it was great. I don’t remember...
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    Orange wine? (White grapes fermented like a red)

    @GreenEnvy22 curious if you found out any more guidance or if you tried this and how this turned out? I’m starting 100lbs of Riesling that I racked off 5 gallons of juice for a “clean batch” and am going to try some extended skin contact during fermentation for the remainder but was hoping to...
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    Homemade wine press I made

    I didn't have a bottle jack yet for auto projects so I got a larger one that would serve a more dual purpose role. I'm pretty certain a smaller one (2 ton) would work just fine for the press though. One area I think could use improvement is to either make or get a true basket for pressing vs the...
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    Homemade wine press I made

    Just finished and used my homemade press and it worked like a champ. You can’t see from the pictures but in the outer bucket is a 5 gallon with many holes Drilled into it and a clean paint straining bag folded over over the skins under the press plate. Also there’s adjustable feet under the legs...
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    Several Batches with a similar off taste

    @David Lewis - What brew store did you get these grapes? I'm also in Portland and am doing some through FH Steinbart but was curious if other stores were also bring in grapes this year. Thanks!
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    Potassium metabisulfite Strength

    I've been using the same brand of Brewcraft SO2 and often wondered the same but have ultimately split the difference. Their package also only mentions the addition of the 1/2 tsp prior to bottling, nothing about pre-fermentation addition to kill of wild yeast or maintenance levels after...
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    Winexpert LE19

    How’s the Corazon turning out with a few more months of age? I have this kit I need to start once I free up a carboy. Thanks
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    Sparkling Concord (intentionally)?

    Thanks all for the input and links to the different carbonation techniques. The traditional technique looks interesting but I don't have the equipment to pull it off. Also, don't have kegging equipment so I'm left to carbing in the bottle. sdibley - is it normal to do an MLF on this varietal? I...
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    Sparkling Concord (intentionally)?

    Hello All, I've been lurking on the forum for about a year as I can't seem to find any prior topic on this. Great stuff on here and extremely helpful forum on almost any topic, except I can't seem to find anything about this one. Has anyone made an sparkling concord on purpose? If so, what...
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    Hurry up and age already...

    Hurry up and age already...
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    Making a Port style wine from a Standard Wine Kit

    How did this port turn out after a couple years of aging and what was your final SG? Thanks