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    Other Master Vintner Kits?

    What yeast comes with the Chard?
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    Other Master Vintner Kits?

    Is there anyone who has made the Chardonnay? I would like to pick up one to try. Love a good Chablis.
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    Other Master Vintner Kits?

    Northern Brewer still has the 20% coupon and the same pricing as Midwest.
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    WineXpert Kit Chemistry Off?

    I agree with boatboy. You can always add tartaric acid post fermentation.
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    WineXpert Kit wont clear

    Great, thanks for the quick response. I will try tomorrow.
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    WineXpert Kit wont clear

    I have two white wine kits that had dropped perfectly clear until I added more K-Meta and tartaric acid. It looks clear until I put a flashlight on it and then it looks like fine dust particles floating. One has been this way for 6 months. Should in try other fining agents or cold crash? I...
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    Other Master Vintner Kits?

    Their Limited Edition kits look strikingly similar to 2017 RJS French Reatricted Quantities. Is this just a coincidence?
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    Sulfite at Bottling

    I see charts and calculators that tell you the desired free sulfite in wine based on the pH. Is this the level of free sulfite I want at bottling or do I want to account for the loss of free sulfite during the bottling process? Thanks in advance.
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    Vineco New Passport 2017 limited editions

    Did you change out your yeast or use the 1118 that came with?
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    Riesling Yeast Suggestion

    Most of the yeasts mentioned work best above 50 degrees with the exception of 71B which needs to be above 60.
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    Riesling Yeast Suggestion

    Either BA11 or QA23 will work well. I also used 71B on the Riesling Passport kit this past year and it has turned out nicely.
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    Vineco Vineco Passport 2018 LE Kits

    Did the 2011 kit include any oak? Also does anyone know if this year's Viognier Roussanne Marsanne kit it oaked?
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    RJ Spagnols Age Makes a Difference

    Very unlikely. Your wine at that point still has a lot of CO2 and the off gassing from it should protect your wine from oxidation. You say that your wine are disappointing, is there a particular off taste that you are getting?
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    WineXpert California Sauvignon Blanc Rosé

    If anyone is looking for another kit, Homebrew Supply has some that they just listed for $99.99 and use the "TAKE40" coupon. Comes out right at $60 before shipping. I just ordered 2 more.
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    WineXpert LE Vermentino

    Is yours that bad? I added some tartaric adic that seems to help but still nothing special.