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    Hello from Shanghai

    Welcome to WMT. Wine making was my pandemic hobby as well. It’s now a permanent hobby!
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    Post a photo, any photo

    My son was a tuba player in the UW Marching Band. I loved the games and performances but never knew how he did it… like playing a tuba while jogging a few miles! Their practices were brutal.
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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    I was really focusing on the varietals with this tasting. The two Marquette’s were pretty good but they all had blends that were better. None of them grow Verona. Your 2017 was still better as I remember it… I’ll need another bottle or two to be sure😉 ETA. Maybe that’s what all of the ones I...
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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    I’m not good at this but I’ll try. the Duck Creek Marquette is fruity with light tannin. A little spice too. I opened a bottle for dinner and it’s actually a little sharp at the end (acidic) but good with food. My wife thought it was too acidic. After an hour in the decanter I finished it...
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    Help with small vineyard planning

    107 piles of rock and sod clumps! It took about 7 hours to rake them Up. Today we hauled away about 75% of them and seeded the whole area. I need to finish hauling the rest away tomorrow and roll the seed down. We have a big rain forecast for Tuesday night and I still want to get my apples and...
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    making wine from Marquette grapes

    While I’m waiting on a passing shower to get back to raking up rocks I will report on out winery tour yesterday. We visited three in NE WIsconsin that grow their own. Since I’m establishing a hobby vineyard (Marquette and Petite Pearl to start) we focused on those wines. All three Marquette...
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    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome. Glad you decided to come out of the shadows.
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    Generally you use one packet for 1 or 5 gallons. If you want to split it make a good starter over 24 hours so you get the volume and number of yeast cells up.
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    new menber

    Not to worry. The grammar police don’t show up too often. They are too busy making wine.
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    What R you doing today?

    Is this a trick question? Obviously you only need an opinion and a computer to be an expert on the internet🤣
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    new menber

    Welcome to WMT
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    Ground Cherry - Wow!

    I planted 8 of them six weeks ago with all the other starts. The tomato plants are 6”’tall and the ground cherries are half that size. About how many do you need to plant for a three gallon ferment?
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Never say never! I have thought that of many wines… beet🤢, dandelion 😖. But both can be excellent.
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    Hello from Germany

    Welcome. There are a lot of helpful people on this site from old pro’s to beginners. All very helpful.
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    Help with small vineyard planning

    Up here it’s wherever the glaciers decided to leave them. 8 miles northwest you couldn’t find a bucket of rocks in a 100 acre field. I just got lucky I guess 😅