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    Amount of wine being made vs. suggested equipment

    This is useful, thanks! I've made wine with my neighbor for the past few years - 1 ton of grapes, single varietal. We used 1/2T macro bins for transportation and as primary fermenters, in agreement with the 60gal/950lb column in the table. But we destem/crush using a manual hand crank...
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    Help - oxidized reds due to low airlock

    Add SO2 (maybe targeting 50ppm FSO2) - it will take more than a day to have an effect on taste so I'd suggest check on it towards the end of the week. I have no experience with skim milk but SO2 can work magic by itself. I would stick with your original schedule and keep monitoring SO2...
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    Lugs per bucket?

    You can also get a dolly for the larger (20+ gallon) Brutes, which might be useful depending on your situation.
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    How to Shoot Thin in the Vineyard

    That's a good plan... last year one of my vines produced lots of good fruit whereas the other was disappointing. It's hard to directly compare since they're in different locations, but the poor producer did have a lot more nodes and shoots which I should probably have thinned. This will only be...
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    How to Shoot Thin in the Vineyard

    Interesting and helpful, thanks. I don't grow wine grapes but I have a few table grape vines in my garden (Black Monukka) - also a 'Princess' which I just planted this season. I am using cane pruning rather than spurs and have been pruning back to 1 shoot per node; does this make sense or would...
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    Oak Stix experiment

    Always fun to see this kind of experiment! Do you taste blind? If not, it might be something to consider. (The scientist in me would also be interested to see a zero oak control, but I realize there are practical limits to the number of samples!)
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    Mold in varboy

    I'd suggest rinsing with a tartaric (or citric) acid solution instead of K-meta: it will neutralize any high pH residue from the oxiclean (sodium percarbonate) cleaning solution
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    How many carboys before larger tank

    This is the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc that I made with my neighbor and a few friends. 1T grapes, primary fermentation in >30 5-gallon carboys. I think we ended up with ~25 5-gal carboys after racking This was somewhat insane and I don't think I'd recommend it, but it is doable! I think my personal...
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    Insulating the 'barrel room'

    It looks like the consensus is that this isn't really going to work... rather than invest in modifying this shed I will try to come up with a more permanent solution. I do have a cool basement space, but no way of getting a full size barrel in there - so a standalone shed with access to mains...
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    Insulating the 'barrel room'

    I should probably collect some data on just how much the temperature varies. An extension cord is certainly possible (and may even help in the summer if I can hook up a fan to circulate air), though I was hoping that with added insulation I would reduce the fluctuation to a tolerable level in...
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    Insulating the 'barrel room'

    Thanks for the input Johnd - I was thinking to use insulation board rather than the pink batting since I'm not sure how watertight the structure is. Not sure I need heating in the winter - it's relatively mild here and although there are some nights when it gets below freezing, it's only for a...
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    Insulating the 'barrel room'

    Hi all, First time posting here! I am planning to make my own wine for the first time this year (though have made wine at home with a neighbor for several years, and I also work as cellarmaster at a small winery). There is a small resin shed which we inherited when we bought our property, and...