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  1. bshef
    It looks like the shriveled ones have black rot. My guess is Concord. Here is an article on Concord black rot:...
  2. kyle5434
    Here's the link. They're meant to be boutique snacks for the Birkenstock crowd, so they're somewhat pricey. I haven't decided for sure, but I'll probably try 3 bags in a 5-gallon batch of...
  3. Jal5
    I agree interesting definitely. Keep us informed how it goes. What was the cost? Joe
  4. Mismost
    GottA link..... Interesting idea
  5. pillswoj
    @sour_grapes , yep, 1/8" galvanized, cable stop on the end you can see and a loop pulled tight and screwed down on the other end.
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