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  1. B

    Can this be a workable Passive wine cellar/shed

    Good Day everyone, first time posting here. I'm interested in starting to make my own wine prob around 50 gallons to start with. We use to make wine almost every year until my grandfather passed a few years ago and I would like to continue this tradition. I have a small shed located in the...
  2. K

    Stainless Steel Tank aging issues

    I am part of a winemaking club - we currently are aging our wine in both 1100 liter stainless tanks and several wooden barrels. The concern is the SS tanks - if we leave enough headroom on the lid for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, the top of the wine is starting to form...
  3. W

    Limited space cold room / wine storage build

    Like many, I was in need of a place to keep wine (both finished and in process) in an appropriate temperature controlled environment, especially since I live near the Lodi CA AVA where temps in the summer often exceed 100F but can also go below freezing during some winter nights. The issue for...