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  1. E

    Other Recommendation for good white wine kit

    Hi everyone. I am running low on white wine and need to make a batch soon. I have tried a Master Vintner Chardonnay 6 gallon kit and it turned out fine. However, is there anything better out there? Always looking for better! Would prefer to stay with a 6 gallon size. Also not really...
  2. Davielovesgravy

    Other Recommendations for wine kit to suit my price range and taste please??

    Hi all, I am looking for some recommendations for cheaper 30 bottle wine kits that may suit my taste please. I want cheaper as I am out of work at the mo so times are a bit tight. The only wine kits I’ve made so far are the MYO white and red kits from The Range, they were both ok, drinkable...
  3. TikiWine

    Adding fruit to a kit.

    Has anyone tried adding fresh fruit to a white wine kit? Such as strawberry or peaches to a Moscato kit? If so where did you add it and for how long?