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  1. Intheswamp

    Welch's Juice Concentrates discontinued.... ???

    I mentioned in another thread about going out of our way to go by a Krogers Grocery Store in Opelika, Alabama because the Welch's Juice website that they carried the White Grape and Peach Concentrates. (Thirty minutes out of our way on a trip home from Georgia.) Naturally there wasn't a single...
  2. F

    fresh batch questions

    I have started my first batches of wine this week- it's been years since I did more than hard cider. Not one for starting terribly slow, I have three going at once. My intention was apple wine, but ended up with a hard cider and more apple butter instead, time constraints in December. So when a...
  3. T

    Unsure if yeast nutrient is required...also other questions from a first time wine maker

    I'm fermenting a wine using 3 quarts of Santa Cruz White Grape juice plus 16z POM pomegranate juice in a 1 gallon glass jug. The grape juice is completely free of preservatives, sulfites, added acid, etc. Not only did I not add acid blend beginning fermentation, I also didn't realize I may need...