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  1. D

    Tips on equipment and trellis

    Hi there, My name is Domenick, 25 years of age and living in the southwest of the Netherlands in a coastal area. I have a question regarding the trellis line heights. I want to have some ranks (some guyot and some cordon) but I an not sure to which hight I shall let the stems grow before...
  2. Snafflebit

    How do I use this trellis for Cab & Merlot?

    I am taking over the management of a backyard vineyard with 26 vines located in Almaden Valley of San Jose CA. The owners do not know which vines are cab and merlot. I will need to identify that. the trellis style was hard to identify but I think it is called a wye or double cross arm. The...
  3. Intheswamp

    New 60' single-wire muscadine tops?

    I just got through setting some 6" posts for a 60' single-wire trellis for three muscadine vines...two Isons and one Noble. I plan on running the wire across the tops of the posts. What I've curious about is how best to protect the end of the posts from water sitting on them and promoting rot...