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  1. tradowsk

    5lbs honey for 2 gallons of mead

    I managed to score a cheap 5lb jar of raw honey from a local apiary that was trying to get rid of some of their stock. I've been making wine for a while but this will be my first foray into mead. I've read a lot of threads here so I have an idea what I want to do, but I wanted to run this by...
  2. D

    Beginner looking for some tips

    Hello All, Complete beginner here (waiting for my first equipment to arrive) looking for a few tips. I would like to produce some fruit wines that are only a little sweet, but as flavorful as possible. Hoping for some specific steps to take. I'm starting with a one gallon kit until I get...
  3. D

    Newbie "experimenter" ?

    Hi! I'm a retired college professor in Central Ohio and I'm thinking about starting up in wine making after a brief attempt 20 years ago. Given the excellent table wines that I can buy at the grocery store these days, I'm more interested in trying and learning about different methods and...
  4. F

    First batch pretty darn good!

    Made a very small batch of wine - 3 big and 3 little bottles - with my own grapes (vines 3 years old) and own cherries from my own garden....with a recipe procured from a friend who allegedly got it from a "hippie" in the 60's.. Just water, fruit, yeast, and sugar. I made it in an antique...