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  1. N

    For Sale Beautiful old house with vineyard for sale in Muizenberg, South Africa.

    Hi all, I hope you're doing great! This is probably a bit of an unusual For Sale post, but I'm taking a long shot! My in-laws are selling their beautiful old house in Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa. It has a ~180 head vineyard in which my father in law makes ~100 litres of wine a season...
  2. Monty Knapp

    WineXpert Deviating from kit instructions

    I'm getting ready to start a new kit (6 gallon). WineXpert Eclipse Shiraz, Barbarossa Valley, Australia. I'm thinking about deviating from the instructions a little. I came across an article named "Extended Instructions for Making Wine From Kits". These instructions take a 28 day kit and stretch...
  3. rustbucket

    $7 Shiraz from Aldi Beat a $375 Bottle of Wine in Competition

    This headline caught my eye. The competition was only for Australian Shiraz but the win still represents quit a accomplishment for Aldi's supplier. The complete story is here.